All About The Android App Developer

Relating to The Android App Developer

Android if famous to be and may be known for being one of the next biggest platforms that will be inside a position steal the spotlight quitting the phone. This, however, does not seem to be able to true due to current situation for Android. The biggest is actually that the system is currently facing an immense number of versions of software on different items. With many different versions and releases have been around for the Android platform, loads of the apps that are designed are not compatible together with operating system giving the average android app developer a trouble. Consider, as well, many vendors who are providing different phones with lots of variations of hardware components which means majority of developers have very trying times developing codes for every individual phone instead of having the luxury of working with a single universal app.

The problem here is in within the fact that cross-platform independence, regardless of the hardware, is the perfect notion that developers all dream about but cannot get. Similar to the situation with BlackBerry wherein porting apps from one platform various poses extremely hard because, even though is possible, it won’t be an easy task.

From the perspective with the small time freelance developer, Android is a rather difficult platform to work with. Quantity of resources and time that is needed to code for even one application is very important numerous small business organizations. The need adjust the code in order to work with other hardware and different versions of software isn’t conducive to building a broad customer establish. Not only perform the variations in hardware and software the effect close to the overall compatibility of an app, gonna also a good effect throughout the build quality of each app made and recoded.

As an outcome of this constant requirement to reconfigure their apps, customers have become naturally careful of the platform when they experience bad quality their own apps when they are along with them. This results in an android app developer having in order to a quick solution within form of patches acquire ways to go about these problems which is kind of dangerous as well very poor practice in programming.

Google must determine a method to address this problem very closely. There are several underpowered phones that are utilising Android three of the.5 as well as powerful, high-end phones that use the latest version available. The inability of versions to run with backward or forward compatibility demonstrates that the apps available on either version will only run on versions in which exactly the same as theirs.

What the iPhone did to counter this is was to file for new phones along with mandatory utilization of the iTunes interface help to make it sure that the phone’s software stayed up-to-date. While it might seem a bit controlling and very draconian, Apple has found a winning formula basically because they have found an in order to control your experience and usability of employing an new iphone 4. Apple is capable of damage control whenever software or any malicious threats or viruses arrive. Nevertheless the thing than me is, most people switch to android refrain from Apples draconian methods and lack of compatibility with lots of other jobs. Those who meet an Android app developer will understand how much increased amounts of satisfaction it for you to not be answerable to Apple for the reason that are given much more freedom to decide on whatever regarding programs and apps he likes review results the majority of more apps available for people running on Android.

This gives an Android app developer a giant advantage over those are generally making apps for the iPhone. Concern is, sometimes this freedom is abused and several malicious programs and viruses are made and spread around. This is easily solved by getting an anti-virus.

The next logical aspect to take is to start using emulators in order that all apps can find all platforms and hardware, but, the very nature associated with the emulator is always to provide something very just like the real consideration. The cost of using an emulator, however, is that it will never have the ability to truly reflect how apps interact along with phones hardware and software.

Google are looking for a for you to provide some means of standardizing software package available on all hardware or provide some kind interface that would allow passengers at least be within a position to help an android app developer to their problems with their android compatible phones. aptoide app would be utilizing a web-based interface that lets users download from your local neighborhood central location the same manner iTunes this. The Marketplace on Android to will become this, but, it would need serious overhauls in its design and should be integrated with all hardware. With the new technology that Google has just acquired, might make sense that the marketplace will most likely receive a revamp is going to also transform it into an interface for phones in order to kept up-to-date through Lookup engines.