Blackberry Playbook Coming To Challenge The iPads

Industry (RIM) has never disappointed its fans and has always produced something new and innovative for them. The company is known all the actual years world for its very trendy and superior handsets, which are more popularly known by the name Blackberry. Blackberry phones have always given tough competition for the other big players in the mobile phone industry and have absolutely lead the market by their user friendly features and most advanced technology.

After making its mark in the mobile phones and Offerte smartphones sector, this company is again all set to challenge the market of tablet PCs could be the latest love of mobile consumers. The market of tablet PCs escalating very rapidly and can be very well gauged by the high popularity of Ipad from apple and Samsung Galaxy An eye. Now RIM is going to launch its first tablet PC, the Blackberry Playbook.

Although, the tablet PC segment is currently dominant by the Apple’s iPad, but it is being said that this product from RIM will thought about challenging competitor for Iphones and various other Android based tablets and with time it is launched, will be the best tablet computers of pretty much all. The device will come with built-in Adobe Flash 10.1 and Adobe AIR which is otherwise missing in the iPads. This feature will likely web browsing more convenient and pleasurable. siti shopping online include a 7 inch wide high-definition LCD display screen display with 1024 x 600 pixels resolution. Multitasking will also be never like before experience that isn’t amazing QNX technology based operating system of device that gets the best out of the processor.

BlackBerry PlayBook will be also a delight for the music-lovers. The custom-designed media player of the gadget supports all the present audio file formats and provides a clean and intuitive interface and posses huge storage capacity to have the users to store lot of music files. Other notable features of the Playbook are presence of dual cameras, video conferencing facility, fast execution speed and secure integration with Blackberry Offerte smartphone.

Blackberry Playbook deals need to be released each morning first half of the year just passed and initially the device is expected to be launched under pay monthly contract offers. The tablet computer is a high end device, and does not belong to the segment of cheap mobile phones, but the cost effective deals with special offers will be available provide full value of money to the consumers.