DIY Valentine’s Day Cards in Photoshop

February 14 is a bitter-sweet date for many, as the ones who have a date on the day seem superior to the ones who don’t have a date. So where do the ones that are ‘hitched for life’ come in? Do they get to celebrate Valentine’s Day, all dressed up, to share an overpriced special meal? Well the married souls, unlike the unlucky undecided Valentine week 2018 unwed couples, have found the love of their life, so everyday should technically be Valentine’s Day!

If you were expecting a rant on a discontented married life, tainted with jealousy upon seeing the happy young couples celebrating love, sorry to disappoint you. This isn’t one. In fact, most days feel like Valentine’s days for us. Alright, there are days when both of us want to go for the other’s throat, but that, in a way, deepens the bond between us.

We don’t need a special day in a year to celebrate Valentine’s Day by going on dinner cruises or romantic dates. The same thing that’s available 364 days of the year, will be overpriced, just for a couple of red hearts, balloons and an ambience that’s supposed to send those sparks flying. But once in a couple of years, why not give in to the stereotype? So what if we join the bandwagon and indulge in something as exclusive as the currently trending Valentine’s Day special Sydney Harbour dinner cruise?

No harm done; we get to celebrate what’s touted to be a special day of love, with the rest of the world. But to all you couples out there, try to make every day feel like Valentine’s Day. Go out to fancy places that wine and dine you to heaven (and back to earth when the bill comes). Feel the same enthusiasm when you sit on the park bench, with your heads resting against each other, sharing a corn dog. Stargazing could be something you both love, lying on a comfy mattress on the roof, admiring the twinkling stars, enjoying the silence and each other’s company.

Every day feels like Valentine’s Day, with little gestures that add up and matter in the end. Any day can be a special day to receive a bunch of red roses. A post-it with a little message or funny love poem can be a great saviour, when dealing with the stress at work or at home. Something as small as setting your phone caller-tune to a favourite song, can go a long way and make that day a Valentine’s Day