Griot’s garage better of show wax – review

Like a lengthy time Griot’s junkie, I’ll toss in my 2 cents.

The wax does appear to take a few effort to get rid of (I personally use an orbital to use it). I personally use speed shine (Griot’s detailing spray) to accept last little bit of residue off when i complete each panel. I switched to Griots after trying Zymol (formerly used Moms and Maguires), when i could never obtain a nice finish by using it for whatever reason and so i contemplate it much easer to make use of than Zymol.

To help keep the shine lasting, I personally use Griot’s Spray on Wax or Speed Shine when i dry the vehicle after every wash. Wartrol on wax appears to possess a greater wax content than speed shine (like that might be an unexpected because of the name) and therefore takes more time to wipe lower the vehicle. I merely spray the SoW or SS on every wet panel before I dry the vehicle, wipe it lower with my micro fiber towel (from Griots obviously) then lightly wipe off any remaining SoW / SS or any other moisture having a Griots 100% cotton towel – a very light “buff” – the vehicle keeps that “just waxed” feel towards the paint whilst minimizing micro scratching which comes from dragging a towel over the paint.

I’m able to easily go 6 several weeks between waxes that way, although I might just wax the hood a bit more frequently.

You will find, I too am not keen on the Griots wheel cleaner.

Even though this may seem contrarian, I will try the Griot’s sealant (rather of Better of Show wax) on my small Small S this fall – supposedly the sealant lasts more than the wax – we’ll see!