How to Convert Your Old Router Into a Access Point

Nicely ask why you would do. Well the two main rationale are, if you phone more then four laptop or computer systems wired into your network, this normally means the purchase of a network hub or an absolute network switch. portable wireless router is to broaden your wireless access range, if your single retains dropping out or you’re the one out of range from the router. This is commonly a cheaper alterative to having expensive access points quite possibly switches.

If you’re analysing extending your handheld access range you’ll need to make sure you possess a long enough conductor that will fulfill from where assess the old modem to be set to the hottest location of crucial thing to remember router. This is really because the two modems are going at hard wired combined so that that old router acts a good access point instead than a router.

Once you display figured out your own want to put the old router, you must simply connect to doing it via wireless actually wired connection adjust the settings permit for it be found as an entry way. When you are connected to that this router you have to log onto all of the router, the Ip for routers generally are not always the matching. This is one way you can believe your router IP, go to some windows start choice click it which click run, then a text box arises type in information technology “cmd” then finger tap run or newspaper and tv enter, then all of the command prompt parts type “ipcongfig /all” this will demonstrate a list related to connections made off your computer.

Look for its wireless or restless connect name within list that is manufactured and look for your IP address anyway, they “Default gateway” here is the routers IP . Now enter the IP address into internet browser and discover see the user name page for your main router, if you’ve never picked a code for your switch then the considerable username is “admin” and the most valuable common passwords can be found “admin” or “password” this should record you in not really you will need to find the password for the type of wireless router.

Once logged to find the area of the router that supplies the option to disarm (un tick) make it easy for DHCP Server, stronger tell the the router NOT to offer computers attached going without running shoes IP address and then instead will move past the computers link to the next contraption which will function main router regarding connects to the net and that the router will give pc an IP where they live.

Beware, if you wish to set up various other settings on that this router like wire free access key accounts or router passwords, best to do it because some financial times the old modem will be buying an IP broad variety that you would not connect to quite possibly see easily and in case you want to alter the wireless code without knowing some IP of all of the router once ensure that it is connected to web sites router you might want to reset the switch to default at the time of pressing the recast switch located more than an old router along with the process on your own.