Kerala tour packages and Exceptional Sea beach Life

Kerala tour packages and Exceptional Sea beach Life

Tour to Kerala India is a dream of tourist. This is a very beautiful state also known as Gods own country located on Malabar coat of the west India. The fact remains this place is named among ten global paradises by the national geographic traveler. The reason of popularity all over the earth for the activities similar to ecotourism. You will get complete relief at this place so much to ensure you will never be able to come out of these golden memories throughout your. Before you plan a visit to India, it is much easier to go for some exclusive tour packages. You will have multiple benefits because of those as you are comfortable with Kerala. You want to see the best in this state.

When you plan some a good Kerala tour package, it will cover the vital destinations in the state in particular time frame. You will get the particular travel package in accordance with the number of days you want to stay in this beautiful tourist destination of earth.

Kovalam beach Become One with Nature

It has been said that when you reach within the beach of Kovalam, are going to really experience an associated with happiness. Includes also a point of hippies. You will have a feel as if nature to help be your friend and is willing to love and greet you. It is a glorious beach far away of 13 km from Thiruvananthapuram. This magnanimous beach came into limelight throughout the year 1920 when Halcyon castle was developed. One of the beautiful parts of Kovalam may be the three crescent shaped beaches and are already separated with outcroppings of rocks. It is an exotic view and few beaches in society may resemble this i.

Kovalam there’s no need beach

One of the finest things within the Kovalam beach is the shallow waters and there’s a stretch of hundreds of meters. System one among the ideal places of swimming and gives a real charm if are familiar with swimming.

Light house beach

This Kovalam beach is greater in width. You have also got 35 meter light house and this is above the hillock also known as Kurumkal. You truly feel spellbound at the best thing about this beach resort.

Hawah beach First Nude beach of India

This could be the second your list of Kovalam shores. It is the first beach in India known for topless bathing of European women. However, the topless bathing is not allowed nowadays but is prevalent inside private clfs. It is prohibited now the way it might encourage having sex on the beach through the noon hours or in night. One has a lot of rush of visitors on these two beaches.

Samudra Beach

The third in record of Kovalam beaches may be the Samudra Sand. is comparatively a calm beach. See the trade of the area fishermen this particular beach. If you’d like to see the partial black sand, place come these.

Go for your nice Kerala tour packages and a great intense fun on the Kovalam shore.