South Indian Wedding Cards Reflecting The Culture

South Indian Wedding Cards Reflecting The Culture

Flowers, fragrances, banana and mango leaves, silk sarees and clothes are any of the items which emphasize South Indian weddings. Highly traditional in nature, Indian weddings involve decorations which might be largely based on flowers and green leaves. diwali images of these weddings is the sound of nadaswaram to provide a sacred and divine meaning to the event. Synchronized with this mood and concept, South Indian wedding cards are generally produced by using floral prints or even items that are unique to the South Indian culture.

South Indian Wedding Cards:

A South Indian wedding is incomplete without the presence of one’s dear and near ones and their blessings. So traditionally, people used to see personally and invite relatives and friends for their son or daughter’s marriage ceremonies. However, the different locations of people have led to your widespread usage of sending out invitation cards that act as personal invites. This requires that the South Indian wedding cards be designed with great care and shown to ensure that the invited families attend the various elements. These cards are designed with the use of a variety of fabric which varies from simple handmade paper to paper by using a slightly glossy get in touch with.

These wedding cards are designed in these a way as to reflect the rich culture and traditions of South Asia. For this, attractive colors, floral designs and motifs are used to be seen a wide variety of card finish cards. The language of the South Indian wedding cards is chosen determined by the region or maybe the insects state to how the bride and groom belong. Recent years have, however, seen a sharp take up the use of English language along with the native verbiage.

Since Kolam or Rangoli designs form a key component of all South Indian weddings, South Indian wedding cards make lavish use regarding to provide accurate feel and the style. Other unique features of South Indian weddingcards are that they usually include a picture depicting the wedding day and its meaning. The text of these cards can be decided by oneself or chosen from the predesigned templates written by the card designing companies. wedding cards can be simple one leaflet invitations or have multiple leaflets depending on your number of events being held.