The endearing process of training a guide dog

Guide dogs do a great job of helping the blind or visually impaired to be somewhat more independent. Usually they are usually Labrador Retriever dogs, this is due to the dog trainer boston. Once chosen the dog is trained for months since it requires a special training, in the end not all get to be guide dogs.

Hana Kim is a guide dog trainer who has decided to record a video showing the whole process. The protagonist of the video is Lombar, a precious Golden Retriever, was picked up by Hana at 10 weeks of age. After going through the vet and knowing his new home he spent a few months living like any other dog, playing with others and enjoying.

After a few months Lombar began training as a guide dog, this involves a lot of work. If you complete any process at the end you must be able to detect any potential hazards that may be encountered on the street. It also has to be a quiet dog at all times.

However, his work will be quite different, he will become a dog destined for therapy. This also requires several features, it has to be a sociable, self-assured dog and a great worker. A therapy dog ​​should never show an aggressive compartment.