Travel Tips for Bucket List Trips


Do you have a bucket list full on amazing and exotic locations you’re determined to visit?  Don’t be dismayed into thinking you need an endless amount of time and a giant budget to enjoy far away cultures and sights. With a lot of advanced planning and a little ingenuity, those trips on your bucket list can indeed become a reality. Follow these recommendations from the professional travel agents and global travel gurus to jump start your travel planning process. There’s no better time than today to get started.

The first step in the planning process for a major trip is to set a time line and develop a budget. Divide the amount you anticipate the trip to cost with the number of months between now and the time you’d like to depart. This is the sum you should save each month. Nothing takes the thrill out of returning from an amazing trip like a debt hangover.

Check the expiration date on your passport. Many European countries require at least ninety days remaining prior to expiration after the date of return on your airline ticket for entry. Allow at least three months for applications for new passports and passport renewals to be processed during the months leading up to the busy travel season. Double check the documentation requirements for family members under the age of eighteen. Make a copy of your passport upon receipt for safe keeping.

Contact your cell phone provider for options for data access in the countries you plan to visit. One option is to purchase a Sim card of prepaid data for internet access. Most countries do not have the number of free wifi hotspots as we enjoy in the United States.

Finally, begin to research your options for flights and hotel accommodations, The earlier you begin this process, the greater your chances are for uncovering terrific values. Often times combining the flight and accommodations with one booking agent can save substantially. Checkout the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and the stunning properties owned by Riu Hotels & Resorts. If there is a property at or near your destination you’ve made the whole planning process a lot simpler. Best of luck to you on enjoying a trip of a life time!