What are the Common Mistakes Foreigners Make in Indian Restaurants?

Indian food is undoubtedly one of the most delicious and well-liked foods in the world. Seriously, no one can call it ‘boring’. You will love it when foreigners feast on tasty Aloo Gobi and Samosas with as much delight as you do.


If you are a non-Indian and seriously want to feast on Indian delights, you need to follow some rules. So sip some mango lassi and read on to know the mistakes you should avoid when you visit an Indian restaurant in Blacktown next time to avoid embarrassments.


You Don’t Eat with Hands

Honestly speaking, happiness is when you eat with your hands. Most Indian dishes are cooked to eat without utensils and we didn’t have forks all the time. Just use your hands and tear off some chapatti and scoop up the most of your favorite chickpeas or creamy kormas. Eating with hands is really very easy way to get others to take you seriously.


Ordering “Chai Tea”

If you order “shrimp scampi” or “French fries”, it is okay. Chai actually means ‘tea’ in Hindi. So ordering “Chai Tea” doesn’t make sense. It sounds “tea tea”.


Ordering “Naan Bread”

Naan is already Indian flat bread cooked in Tandoor oven continuously until it turns fluffy. Naan is enjoyed with Tandoori chicken. Like “Chai Tea”, “Naan Bread” is not in Indian restaurants’ dictionary.


India has More Bread Styles, Not Only Naan

India is a land of diversity – different types of people, movies, and even bread styles. Though Naan is surprisingly delicious, you are missing a lot if you are not trying magically puffy and round bread “Puri”, a juicy, layered, flaky flatbread “Paratha”, chewy and thin chapattis, and deep-fried bhatura.


Chicken Tikka Masala is not the Only Dish You can Order

Chicken Tikka Masala is a dish which you may have mostly come across in an Indian restaurant. Proper amount of heat is enough to make this creamy dish give your taste buds a fiery treat. Well, there are other tangy and spicy dishes you can order on most Indian restaurants.


I know you should never leave saucy chicken, but also taste other dishes like vegetarian sloppy Joes “Pav Bhaji”, Goa’s shrimp made with lots of seafood and coconut, and malai kofta (veggies dumplings dipped in tomato sauce). You should also keep in mind that Chicken Tikka Masala is actually a Britain dish, not invented in India.